Underwater Repair

Removal and installation of propellers in the water.

Replacing the zinc anode.

Ultrasound to measure thickness in the hull sheets.

Substitution of the Transducer and Submarine Maintenance.

Seal of sea intake (suctions and discharges, etc).

Locate, evaluate and repair submarine oil leaks.

The recovery of anchors, equipment, handrails, objects, etc.

Permanent repairs, cracks, metal cracks, collision impact damage, helmet corrosion and defects in the exterior sheets by means of insert plates.

Temporary repairs by means of underwater welding to cracks, metal cracks, collision impact damage, plates and corrosion.

Propeller repairs through, grinding, drilling and / or cutting, damaged section.

Crack control to avoid prolongation with hydraulic drills.

Certifications and Accreditations

All our technical team meets the highest standards and requirements

Divers certified by Association of Diving Contractors

Approved by Panama Maritime Authority


Certificates by Bureau Veritas


Certified by ABS Quality Evaluations